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30 Examples of Impressive Concept Art

For both video games and comic books, concept artists are necessary to create the aesthetically-pleasing visuals that enhance the storyline’s action and drama. From simple pencil sketches to 3D models, detailed character turnarounds to costumes, fantastic vehicles to intricate weapon design, the possibilities are endless.

These are some examples of impressive video...

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50 Cool Moleskine Art Samples That’ll Fuel Your Creativity

Why doodles look better on moleskines, we might never really know. What we do know is that this particular notebook has fueled, if not revived, many artists’ love for traditional sketching. Even artists who have long practiced digital arts seem to be enamored.

Looking into some of the most creative sketches online,...

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Rose Drawing Tutorial – How to Draw with Colored Pencils

I made this tutorial to show step by step how to draw a realistic pink rose. For this lesson I will be working on Canson Mi Tientes black paper and using Prismacolor Colored Pencils. Every color that I mention will be of the Prismacolor brand. I buy all of my supplies from Blick Art Materials. Buying your stuff from...
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