A Tribute to The Dreamer – Martin Luther King Jr. Art

The 1963 TIME Magazine Man of the Year and youngest ever awardee of the Nobel Peace Prize, Martin Luther King Jr. will forever be remembered as the voice that inspired much-needed changes in American society. The speech he delivered during the historical Washington March was widely regarded as one of the greatest speeches of the 20th century. “I Have a Dream” was the highlight of King’s life as a civil rights activist who fought primarily against racial segregation and discrimination using nonviolent resistance.

This January 16, the world will once again celebrate Martin Luther King Day. As a tribute to the master orator/civil rights icon, we have collected 30 digital artworks that creatively illustrate King’s image and some of the most unforgettable words he uttered. Feel free to share your thoughts about this collection and King’s legacy by leaving a comment.


Remembrance – Martin L. King


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30 Examples of Impressive Concept Art

For both video games and comic books, concept artists are necessary to create the aesthetically-pleasing visuals that enhance the storyline’s action and drama. From simple pencil sketches to 3D models, detailed character turnarounds to costumes, fantastic vehicles to intricate weapon design, the possibilities are endless.

These are some examples of impressive video game and comic book concept art.

BATMAN (DC/Rocksteady Studios)


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